About Us

Anovelo – A novel outlook on fitness and self-care

Anovelo was founded in 2022 in New York, NY. The founding members, both passionate about health and wellness, saw an opportunity to marry one's love for activewear with the need to promote and celebrate movement for a healthier lifestyle . When we envisioned Anovelo, we had two simple goals in mind – one, to provide chic and affordable fitness wear to women, and two, to help motivate and teach women the power of discipline and consistency in committing to a lifestyle of fitness (whatever that looks like). When we feel comfortable, confident and well supported in our clothes, conquering a workout becomes that much easier.

Anovelo apparel focuses on three main principles:


From strappy sports bras to elegant seamless designs on our leggings, we offer you a variety of options to match your workout sessions from an outdoor walk to yoga, bootcamp classes or as a cute piece for a mall run or date. We’ve got you covered!





Anovelo activewear comes in soft, beautiful colors with a minimalistic design to suit every taste. No flashy logos or unnecessary details.






 The Anovelo fit provides exceptional support with thick and supportive waistbands that hold you in for those tough workouts. Our smooth yet firm materials help to accentuate your curves in all the right places. 





Beyond being an activewear company, Anovelo was founded for a deeper purpose – to remind us that Movement is Medicine. When we commit daily to dedicating time to stretch, take an outdoor walk, yoga, run, a spin class, strength training session, we are improving the quality of our lives. Our bodies were made to move and as we find purposeful ways of doing so and growing stronger, we improve our mood (think endorphin rush), build strength and mobility, keep various cardiovascular and respiratory problems at bay. 

Everywhere, especially on social media, we are bombarded by images of the extremely fit, sculpted and enviable fitness model. We oftentimes use these comparisons to judge ourselves and as a target to unattainable standards. What if, instead, we fall in love with the process of being our best selves by being more active and gaining the health benefits that naturally follow? How about we pursue the FREEDOM that comes with embracing ourselves – judgement-free, comparison-free and instead shift our focus to learning more about movement and how that translates to a better quality of life?

Movement is about so much MORE than body weight and here at Anovelo we want to put all the latest trends to the side and focus on simplicity and consistency. What practice can you commit to and enjoy (even while challenging you) that will take you one step closer each day to having a healthier lifestyle? We want to help you find that answer and address many of the barriers to getting up and getting active that you see in your daily life, so you can overcome them! Sign up for our newsletter and learn more about health and wellness, and how YOU can be your greatest motivator and change your life through movement.