Welcome to Anovelo! A few short weeks ago, our site went live and we are stoked about all the possibilities that are in store to add value to your lives and level up your fitness! So, what is Anovelo all about? 

The name Anovelo stands for “A Novel Outlook on Fitness and Self-Care” and was birthed from a need to create a very inclusive, informed and positive space to engage and support others as we learn more about, share and ENJOY MOVEMENT as a gateway to improved wellness! Not body weight, dress size, or “body goals”, but really to understand the fundamentals of WHY movement is medicine for your body. By loving and appreciating all that the body has done and can do, we see the innate benefits of continuing to or starting to move it more. So, we are somewhat creating a movement around MOVEMENT (tongue twister much?).

Second, we all love activewear, let’s not even kid ourselves! We feel ready, confident and poised to attack any workout when we look the part. At Anovelo, we offer a range of matching sets as well as individual pieces of activewear to conquer the low-impact to high-impact forms of movement you enjoy. Our designs are simple (minimalistic) and offer incredible support through thick waistbands and stretchy, gentle compression fabrics. What’s best is, we did not compromise on quality when bringing you a brand that will not make your bank account cry! So, as you plan your next at-home workout or gym session, we’d love if you gave Anovelo a try. Until then, gift it to your bestie, spouse or any woman in your life who you think would benefit from our beautiful matching sets!

So, now that you know a little about Anovelo, we hope you’re excited to be a part of this community of movers! We’d also love to hear from you. So, if there are any topics that you’d like for us to delve deeper into, we would be happy to! Let’s get stronger and move more, together! Till next week, when we bring you more content around health and wellness around movement.



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