In this blog, we’re veering a little away from the fundamentals of health and fitness, by touching on something more mental – one that is invaluable to your success in fitness or any area of life. Believe it or not, consistency (in the right habits) is a form of self-care! Being disciplined and doing the things that need to be done regardless of feelings gives you a sense of accomplishment and builds self-esteem because you begin to recognize that you are stronger than your tough circumstances and that YOU define your path.

We all dream of success – finally being able to achieve that ‘fit’ body we have in mind, run that half or full marathon that’s been on our bucket list for years, or maybe finally buckling down and losing the excess baby weight from 5 years ago. Whatever it is, to get to that end, there are a defined number of steps and if we do not show up consistently, regardless of what is going on in our lives at a given moment, or season, it will forever elude us. Consistency and intensity are so very different. Many times we feel that we need to go so hard to achieve these goals, and maybe that is needed at times, but what we need more is CONSISTENCY. With intensity, it is more likely that we suffer from burnout and end up quitting or taking an unplanned and prolonged break to recover, which only delays our end goal. What if, instead, we created small, actionable, realistic steps that we could take on daily, would compound, and then allow us to see greater success?

Do you think about or negotiate with yourself when it comes to brushing your teeth each day? Most likely, not. This is what consistency should look like to you – something that you do daily (or on the prescribed days that are set), where there is absolutely no negotiating with yourself if you’ll do it or not. So, how do we become consistent? First, I would say the most important thing is focusing on the PROCESS and NOT THE OUTCOME. Who you become while you are working towards a goal far outweighs the result. You are building healthy habits, and that is invaluable.

  • Choose a timeframe – let’s say we start with 30 days – for 30 days, I will work on improving my pushups by committing to doing 10 push-ups on my toes each day for 30 days. Specific in terms of actions and time frame. As you hold steady during those 30 days, you gradually extend the timeline and perhaps the goal in mind, till you find yourself performing the task without second thought.
  • Anticipate disruptions, setbacks and lack of motivation – we are human after all! Have a plan for what you will do on these days. Ideally, if your goal is fitness-related, try working out at times where you won’t be interrupted by kids or spouses – maybe that means waking up earlier than others. Also, try knocking out your commitment earlier in the day when energy levels are higher and you are less likely to make excuses not to later in the day.
  • Track your progress. Use a type of calendar and check off with a bright colored pen each day that you follow your plan. The visual from this helps you to keep going since you’d hate to see a day without that bright-colored check mark.
  • Include an accountability partner if this is something that will help you. Share your goal with someone else who will check in on you from time to time (or daily) and ensure that you’re staying focused.

There are many other ways to tackle consistency, but this is a great way to start! As we become more grounded and start showing up regardless, we begin building that mental toughness that will ensure we grow/improve at least 1% daily. Because, if we are not growing, what are we doing? Consistency is a superpower, a form of self care that will take care of you and build you as an individual, like nothing else. It’s worth it to invest in yourself, and by staying consistent in your daily healthy habits, you are giving back to yourself many times over!

Till next time…

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