We live in a world of convenience! If it’s not convenient, we don’t want it! Our fitness is no different. Gone are the days when people HAD to sign up to a local gym or one close to work, otherwise they’d have to kiss their workout regimen goodbye. Enter digital/online fitness subscriptions where all you need is an internet connection, a smartphone, tablet or computer and you’re golden. But what about equipment, you might ask? Well, in some cases you don’t need it for many of the classes or you can get creative with what you already have at home. This week, we’re going to dive into just a few of the online fitness subscriptions that have been checking many boxes for its users.

When we explore fitness offerings, there are several parameters to consider – price point, variety in class offerings (modality), length of classes (we don’t always have 1hr to commit to getting a workout in), live class offerings, trainers/coaches, on-demand content. Below, we’ll look at 4 online platforms and how they measure up.

  • Obe – available in the US and Canada only, is a fitness-lover favorite. Boasting up to 20 daily live classes, more than 7000 on-demand classes and offering 15 class types, it is quite the gem. Even more amazing are the structured programs they offer to help those with specific goals or who prefer following a plan. Some of these programs include Yoga Deep Dive, Sculpt Burn Repeat, Obe Strong: The Gym Program, and more. Obe’s mantra is “Strive for 5” – 3 strength training and 2 cardio workouts per week. The goal is to move your body every day in some form. With all that Obe offers, you have no excuse not to work up a sweat while enjoying yourself. Its monthly membership is $19, quarterly $65 and annual $199.
  • Peloton – available in the US, Canada, UK and Germany, this fitness giant is well-known for its bike and tread. Peloton also offers a variety of classes in strength training, yoga, HIIT cardio, bike and tread bootcamp, meditation and outdoor (audio and scenic options) with daily live classes and a robust on-demand library. With a platform based around building a community among its members, Peloton’s tagline “Together We Go Far” resonates with its devotees as they form various social media groups and hashtags to share information as well as cheer each other on. For those without the Peloton bike/tread, the price of the app is $12.99, while the all-access membership for those owning a bike/tread is $39/mth (increasing by $5 beginning June 1, 2022).
  • Daily Burn – with a group fitness set-up, Daily Burn caters to all fitness levels. A live 30-minute class is held every day at 6am PT (9am ET) and is kept on-demand for those who were not able to attend live. This is the Daily Burn 365 and members find this accountability and consistency with a daily live/on-demand workout key to their progress. It’s important to note that these classes do not require any equipment and are mostly for those now starting/restarting a fitness regimen. In addition, Daily Burn offers tailored running, HIIT and yoga programs with separate membership costs (Running - $8/mth, Yoga - $10/mth, HIIT - $13). The at-home Daily Burn membership stands at $20/mth.
  • Nike Training Club – download the app and you’re all set. It’s FREE! There are a variety of workout modalities to choose from – running, strength training, meditation, stretching, cardio. All workouts are sorted by level and strength training is even broken down by muscle group – Abs & Core, Arms& Shoulders, Glutes & Legs. You can train by your workout focus – endurance, mobility, strength, and yoga, OR even design your workout based on if you have basic equipment, full equipment or no equipment. So, if you’re wondering where you should begin and which platform, you should choose, Nike Training Club is always a great place to start, given that it’s free and offers a plethora of workout options.

Of course, there are countless other reputable and fantastic online fitness subscription services available as well as another universe of free programs available on You Tube, led by phenomenal trainers. This blog post only gives a mere tease of the offerings available, just so that you understand there IS something for YOU out there – based on your workout preference, time commitment, fitness level and other criteria. So please do not feel discouraged because you do not have access to a gym or feel uncertain that you will ever find something that works for you. It’s out there and just waiting for you to commit!

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